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Ques : What exactly is cell phone unlocking ?

Ans : Usually you purchase a phone at a reduced price by the service provider (AT&T, Tmobile, etc) and in return you agree to use their service for a specific length of time. The cell phone provider insures that you use their service exclusively by putting a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) restriction on your phone As a result, you as a customer will only be able to use their phones with their service. When you go overseas you will need to pay roaming charges and when you switch to another carrier you will need to purchase a new phone. By unlocking your cell phone you clear the SIM restriction associated with the service provider and in turn allows you to choose what carrier you want to use and where in the world you want to use it.

Ques : What is the purpose of unlocking my phone ?

Ans : Unlocking your phone gives you the ability to use the network that best suits your situation. No more roaming fees when traveling and the value of the phone is increased greatly during resale because it can be used all around the world with virtually every service provider.

Ques : Is phone unlocking safe and does my phone functions still work?

Ans : Unlocking the SIM restriction on your phone is the safest, fastest, and easiest way to unlock a cell phone. When you use the unlock code your warranty will not be voided and the phone will not be damaged. Simply enter the unlock code into the phone using the dial pad and the network restriction will be removed. Once the restriction is removed you will still be able to use the Internet, email, SMS/MMS, BBM, as well as any other feature the phone has.

Ques : What are SIM cards?

Ans :A SIM card also known as, Subscriber Identity Module, is a small, unique, and portable memory chip used in all GSM phones. The SIM card can be used in multiple phones by simply inserting the SIM Card from one phone into another. The SIM card holds a variety of data including, but not limited to personal information, phone number, contacts, and text messages.

Ques : Do I need cables, software or technical skills to unlock my phone?

Ans :The iPhone is the only phone that you need a cable and software. For the rest of the phones, all you need is the code and 5 minutes. The Iphone you need to make sure the Itunes and Iphone are updated to newest version as well as the cable to hook up the phone to the computer. No technical skills needed at all! Our staff has worked tirelessly to ensure that we provide our customers with detailed written instructions for all codes delivered as well as video instructions for a majority of the phones. There is no deconstruction of the phone needed, a few simple steps and your phone is unlocked.

Ques : If the carrier gives out the code for free then why do I have to pay for the unlock code?

Ans :We have access to the Manufacturer database, which are from the factory where your phones are built. We pay a fee to the manufacturer so they can generate the code for our customers. The carriers such as AT&T and T-mobile, usually will only give the unlock code to you if you have been with them for several years or your contract is up. They may also give you the unlock code if are traveling overseas, but you have to prove that you are doing so. If you are not the main owner of the account then it will be very difficult to get the unlock code and even then they may not be willing to do so. If they do actually allow you to get your unlock code from them you usually have to wait weeks before the code is sent to you compared to minutes or hours from our company.

Ques : Will my current service still work on my unlocked phone? And do they care?

Ans : You can still use your current service provider if you still have a plan with them. You can switch carrier's back and forth as many times as you like and nothing will happen to your phone or the unlock code. They will not care, but they also will not know. There is no way a service provider can tell if the phone you are using is unlocked or not.

Ques : How do I purchase the unlock code?

Ans : We accept most major credit cards, debit cards, and easiest of all PayPal.

Ques : What networks can I NOT use my unlocked phone on?

Ans : Unfortunately some networks are not compatible with your unlocked phone, some of these include: Verizon, Sprint, Cricket, Boost mobile, and Tracfone.

Ques : What phones cannot be unlocked?

Ans : Straight talk, Boost mobile, Metro PCS, Tracfone, and Cricket phones CANNOT be unlocked. Verizon and Sprint Blackberry’s CAN be unlocked but the other phones on these two systems cannot, except HTC Imagio and Touch pro 2 from Verizon.

Ques : If I change SIM cards, update or reset my phone will I have to unlock my phone again?

Ans : Once the unlock code is accepted the phone is permanently unlocked. The phone will not re-lock if you update, reset, or change the sim card in the phone. The unlock code sent to you is specific to your IMEI and in the rare case that it does re-lock you can just re-enter the code and it will unlock again.

Ques : I do not see my phone listed on your site. Can it still be unlocked?

Ans : In most cases YES! Please send an email to our dedicated sales staff at we will check into different database and will provide you with the prompt answer .

Ques : My phone is asking for the subsidy unlock code not the SIM unlock code, do I need a different unlock code?

Ans : No. Some companies use different wording than others when asking for the unlock code. The 8 to 16 digit code will be the same regardless of wording.

Ques : Why are some codes instant and others take a couple days?

Ans : Depending on what Manufacturer database we have to use determines how long it takes to generate the Unlock code. Be aware that the instant we have confirmed all the information is correct one of our helpful representatives will submit your order and a few minutes after it is generated we will manually email it to you with instructions on the unlocking process.

Ques : Is cell phone unlocking legal?

Ans : Yes Unlocking is 100% legal in most countries. Please check your local jurisdiction before ordering and you may also refer to the legal notice tab above in the website . 

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